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17th-18th century  O-Tanto (long Tanto) by Mino Kanemoto.

ShinShinto O-Tanto in Koshirae mounts.

Signed: Mino Kanemoto

Sugata (form): Tsurugi    General shape: Hira-Zukuri

Sori (curvature: 0.26 inches, 0.66 cm  Tori-Zori (centre of blade)

Kissaki (point): O-Kissaki (long)     Mune (back): Iori Mune roof typical triangle

Nagasa (length) 4.1 inches, 10.4 cm

Kozuka (short knife): Shakudo with four Kiri (paulownia) mon in gold

Tsuba (sword guard): Shakudo with eight Kiri (paulownia) mon in gold

Note: An exceptional quality O-Tanto with high end all matching fittings brought to the United States by a high-ranking American officer serving in Japan, following the World War 11.

17th-18th century O-Tanto (long Tanto)

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