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An album of complete 15 illustrated woodblock prints of music instruments and accessories used for the imperial Gagaku and the Mokuroku (index) and a poem page.

Artist: Kincho (Takeshita Hiroshi)

Size: each illustration 52 cm X 75.4 cm (double page style with a single sheet paper, not joined paper)

Block carver: Kato Shintaro

Printer: Ota Kazuichi and Kanai Tokutaro

Publisher: Uchida Bijutsu

Printed date: May 15th, 1929

Issued date: May 18th, 1929

Condition: Very good impression and colors, deluxe printing with some gold and silver are used, a couple page have light foxing, generally in good condition.


An album of woodblock prints of Gagaku musical instruments and accessories

SKU: 446
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