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Bizen blade Tachi in Ito-Maki Tachi mounts.

19th century Ito Maki Tachi mounts with a Nashiji saya lacquered with Tokugawa Aoi crests in gold hiramakie and wrapped silk between the hangers.

Koshirae (set of mounts), 19th century

Shirasaya (plain wood storage scabbard)

The blade attibuted to Osafune Hidemitsu (4th)

Koto Kozori Bizen Osafune Tachi

Blade length (cutting edge): 71.2 cm

File marks slanting left to right

Gunome Choji, Itame Hada with Chikei

Era: Koto (Muromachi period, Eikyou 1429-1441, c.1430)     Hamon: Gunome Choji with large amount of Utsuri      Shape: Shinogi-Zukuri/Iori-mune

Notes: Saijo O-Wazamono rated smith

NTHK certificate (Issued in Heisei 31), the blade was papered unpolished , so for a more accurate Kantei it should be re-submitted to NBTHK, which will likely result in a higher paper and possibly a maker's name assigned to the blade.

15th century Bizen Tachi blade in Ito-maki Tachi mounts

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