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Buddhist image of Aka Doji, of carved wood.

Aka Doji is one of the Hachi Dai Doji (Eight Great Youths).

Height: 33 cm

Height with the stand: 42 cm

Cypress wood (Hinoki)

Holding an original ritual "Dokko" scepter (single-pronged pestle metal) (bronze?) on his left hand.

Old worn out paper attached at the back of base:  Read: Kamakura Jidai, Aka-doji.

Date:  Kamakura period of 13th-14th century.

Note: Open his eyes wide carved in the wood.  The surfaces were once painted, but that has long since fallen away, and the wooden figure now bear the patina of age.

Provenance: Estate of Joseph G. Gerena, NYC., ex-Arts Primitivo Gallery, New York, New York.

Buddhist image of Aka Doji

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