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Fudo Myoo with two boy attendants, Seitaka and Kongara.

Polychromed wood, inlaid crystal eyes.

Date: early 17th century - 18th century.

Height center: Fudo Myoo, 43 cm, with stand and flames, 93 cm.

Condition: Some old wear, a few chips at the tops of flames and some damege of Kongara Doji.

Note: Fudo Myoo, a fearsome king of wisdom, deity of fire, with a sword to subdue evil, in his right hand, and a rope to arrest an evil-door in his left, is one of the representative deities of Esoteric Buddhism.  Fudo's two youthful attendants are the cowardly and obedient Kongara Doji on the right and the wicked and disobedient Seitake Doji on the left, both of whom, in turn, are sometimes believed to be manifestations of Fudo.

Fudo Myoo with two boy attendants

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