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Large Bronze Mirror by Izumi no Daijo Hitomi Fujiwara Shigetsugu.

Rare 17th century large bronze mirror and matching black and gold lacquered wooden case with the bold Imperial Maru ni Gosan Kiri Mon design.  There can be no doubt this mirror was commissioned by a member of the Imperial household almost 400 years ago.  The very thick gold lacquer and large Kiri Mon design and the fact that it was executed by the top bronze metal worker of his day-Hitomi Fujiwara Shigetsugu (awarded the title of Izumi Daijo) all support this statement.  Three phoenixes in gold lacquer create an artistic border around the case cover.  Age of mirror is confirmed by Kyoto National Museum.

Diameter: 24.3 cm

  • Technique  using a spatula on the surface of the mold, artists drew just the outline of the design, and pushed a little deeper toward the ends of the outline so the design would be placed in high relief which often used from around this period of 17th century.  Hitomi Fujiwara Shigetsugu was  a Kyoto bronze mirror maker who worked closely with the Imperial Family which earned him the title Izumi Daijo.  The only listed surviving example of this 17th century artist's work is found in the Kyoto National Museum. ( Museum Number E030-14 Bronze hand-held mirror with a design of distant mountain view)

Large bronze mirror by Fujiwara Shigetsugu

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