Carved wood Noh mask of Mikazuki.

Mikazuki, the third-day Moon-thin crescent moon mask worn by the spirit of Taira No Tomomori.  The mask to show a combination of power and divinity in the Noh play "Funa Benkei".

Cypress (Hinoki) wood, light brown ground over-painted with eyebrows, moustache and beard in Sumi, the lips painted red and the eyes red inlaid with copper gilt pupils.

Mask carver: Ogura Soei (born 1928)

Yakiin and carved seal on verso

Size: 20.5 cm X 14.3 cm

Original titled and signed storage box.

Date: c.1950

Condition: some age and used wear, generally in good condition.

Provenance.: Tokyo Fuji Bijutsukan (Tokyo Fuji Art Gallery)

Noh mask of Mikazuki

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