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Painting by Ikegami Shuho (1874-1944).

Japanese style painter.  Studied under Araki Kampo.  Also studied the paintings of the Nanga school.  Exhibited at the Bunten; frequently received prizes and special recognition.  A juror for the 1933  Imperial Exhibition (Teiten).  His paintings, generally Kachoga (flowers and birds) in mixture of Shijo and Nanga styles.

Painting on silk, mounted as a Kakejiku, hanging scroll.

Size of painting: 72 cm X 171 cm

Size of mounted scroll: 88 cm X 235 cm

  • Certificate of authenticity of this painting from the art expert Bijutsu Gorakubu ( Description of the painting, signed by a specialist of Japanese style paintings of the Bijutsu Gorakubu, sealed and dated in 1973).

Note: Exhibited his work at the St.Louis Exposition in 1904.

Painting by Ikegami Shuho (1874-1944)

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