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Watercolor painting by Kawasaki Suzuhiko (born at Tokyo in 1925)

"Sea-rock landscape".

Received numerous prizes from the Nitten since 1956 and the Okada Shigekichi Sho from the MOA Museum in 1994.  He is one of today's leading  modern Nihonga (Japanese style painting) artists.  

He taught "Nihonga" painting for six months at Harvard University, Boston in 1959.

His grand father was Japanese style painter Kawasaki Chitora and father was Kawasaki Shoko and his brother in law was Higashiyama Kaii (1908-1999).

The artist's certification sticker at the back of frame: 

Titled: Sho (sea-rock)

Signed: Suzuhiko

Red seal: Suzuhiko

Gold seal on the painting: Suzuhiko

Size of painting: 62 cm X 42.5 cm

Size of frame: 77 cm X 57 cm

Condition: Painting in good condition, Japanese metal frame is frail.

Painting by Kawasaki Suzuhiko (born: 1925)

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