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Watercolor painting by Terashima Shimei (1892-1975)

Terashima Shimei is a modern Nihonga (Japanese style painting) painter, whom equally admired with Ito Shinsui for Bijinga (painting of Beauties).  Maiko (apprentice Geisha) is one of the artists' representative motif and he drew many master pieces in and after the late 1950s.  The drawn lines are light to the maximum and the soft vain apperarance of the lady was well expressed.

He started studying drawing when he was a boy in a small town located between Kobe and Osaka.  At the age of 21 he became a disciple to Kaburagi Kiyokata.  He exhibited at all major national exhibitions.  He received numerous prestigious awards from the Ministry of Education and the Japan Art Academy.

Painted date: c.1950

Signed: Shimei

Red seal: Shi

Size of painting: 31 cm X 41 cm

Size of Japanese double-metal frame: 47 cm X 57 cm

Condition: Painting and frame are in good condition.

Painting by Terashima Shimei (1892-1975)

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