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Woodblock print and hand applied colours from verso by Shiko Munakata (1903-1975)

Title: Wandering away from home (Ryurisho), compositions on the poems of Yoshii Isamu.

Subtitle: Fox and wolf (Koro no saku)

Signed in pencil in Japanese Shiko and signed and dated in Roman script Munakata 1958 4 12, pine needles symbol.

Red artist's seal: Muna

Size of paper: 34.5 cm X 40.5 cm

Condition: Some light wrinkles from printing and some faded colours.


The poem reads: Yuzareba Kariba-myoujin arawaremu, Yama fukou shite inu no koe suru. (When evening falls, the God of the hunting place will appear.  Hear dog's barking sounds at deep in the mountain).





Print by Shiko Munakata (1903-1975)

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