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Woodblock print by Toyokuni 111 ( 1786-1864)

A kite decorated with a design of an actor performing the New Year's dance "Sanbasho".

Signature: Toyokuni ga

Printed date: 1860

Size: O-ban, 24.5 cm X 35.2 cm

Publisher: Ebisuya Shoshichi (Kinshodo)

Carver: Yokokawa Chotake

Condition: Very good impression and colors,  a small red stain from printing, slightly soiled, very slightly trimmed and a few thin album backing paper remained.

Note: Blackburn Art Gallery, U.K. produced a post card of same image from their Lewis Collection of Japanese Prints (LC 919).

Print by Toyokuni 111 (1786-1864)

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