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Stencil print (Kappa-zuri) by Mori Yoshitoshi (1898-1992).

Subject: Heike Clan Ghosts at Daimotsunoura from the series of Tale of the Heike.

One of artist's masterpieces; the ghosts of the Heike clan warriors whom Yoshitsune had defeated and saved the storm by the prayer priest Musashibo Benkei. 

Size: image size: 54 cm X 76 cm

         paper size: 69 cm X 90 cm

Signed: Yoshitoshi Mori

Artist's red seal: Yoshitoshi

Dated: 1973

Limited edition:  3/50

Condition: Very good, faint rolled marks at the bottom area.

Stencil print by Mori Yoshitoshi (1898-1992)

SKU: 490
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