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Warrior doll (Musha Ningyo) seated on a camp stool and holding a war command fan.

Late 18th century

Height: 50 cm

Carved wood head covered in Gofun painted with expressive feature and custumed in brocade, an elaborate helmet with a Maedate decoration( can be dismounted) gold lacquer applied over black lacquer for armor and neck guard, represented warrior Minamoto No Yoshitsune.

Condition: Good.


Note: Musha Ningyo (literally, "warrior dolls") are elaborately costumed dolls displayed for the Boy's Day Festival held on May 5th.  They almost exclusively feature heroic military figures and episodes from Japan's history.  For only short period every year, they were brought out from carefull kept storage to display at home around the Boy's Day Festival and to with for boys to grow strong.  Also, they were regarded as guardians of the boy's souls, protecting them against diseases and bad influences.

Warrior doll

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